Czech Republic

Many NGOs, towns and villages, and private enterpreneurs are developping or running community initiatives to promote local economies in the Czech Republic. Only few of them focus on local energy self-sufficiency.

Here at the Center for Transport and Energy (a Bankwatch member group) we believe that energy is one the core sectors where local communities can benefit most, not only in economic terms but also regarding energy security and environmental concerns. The role that energy plays in all aspects of our lives makes it a perfect starting point for a systematic, holistic approach to boost resilience of local communities. However, the Czech state, rather than promoting local renewable energy sources, supports expensive nuclear power or private coal mines. Still, there are limited options to finance some parts of local energy projects from EU funds and the Green for Savings Scheme.

We can help you to identify the right public funding sources for your local energy project. Just get in touch.

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Pioneering self-sufficiency
A Czech town becomes energy self-sufficient with local biomass for heat and electricity.