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  • Slovakia’s climate duplicity August 15, 2019
    At home, Slovakia pays lip service to the climate issues, but abroad – it does not even bother pretending. As it continues to finance crude oil facilities in Cuba, its real climate ambitions are laid bare.
  • The secret life of export credit agencies August 1, 2019
    When respectable, risk-averse development banks turn away from a project, oftentimes export credit agencies (ECAs) are the ones to step in. These government-backed institutions manage hundreds of billions of dollars annually, investing mostly in large infrastructure projects in politically-volatile countries, while avoiding the same scrutiny as other public financiers.
  • For the third year in a row, the European Commission asks Romania to stop big polluters July 29, 2019
    The European Commission’s July 2019 infringements package list [1] prominently features Romania. The country is called out for its industrial installations operating without an environment permit and “a systemic failure to monitor air pollution”.
  • The Skopje Green City Action Plan – developing a city for citizens or for decision makers? July 29, 2019
    The preparation of the Skopje Green City needs to be transparent and to include citizens and civil society in a meaningful way from the early stages of planning.
  • Third time’s a charm? New attempts to sell off unprofitable Czech coal plant in Turkey July 25, 2019
    The Turkish state fund TMSF opened a new round of bidding for the troubled Adularya coal power plant only two weeks after a second unsuccessful attempt to sell the project. The move is unexpected because this third round preempts statements by the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, which had said it planned a visit to Ankara to understand why the tender failed for the project that has been plagued by legal challenges.
  • Belgrade incinerator: Serbia to be a dumping ground for outdated technology? July 22, 2019
    The Serbian Ministry of Environment recently published the environmental assessment for the planned Vinča waste incinerator for public consultation. But the study shows no sign that the new plant would be in line with new EU pollution control standards approved in June.
  • Racing against the clock: Kenyan villagers under imminent threat of eviction by project under EU’s bank’s appraisal June 19, 2019
    Today’s European Development Days forum in Brussels with its aspirational motto ‘building a world which leaves no one behind’ is an ironic backdrop to what is happening in the remote parts of Kenya, where a whole community is facing a threat of forced eviction by a project under appraisal of the EU’s own house bank. About a hundred people were demanded to abandon their homes by tomorrow – 20 June.
  • A false solution to a real problem? June 14, 2019
    New research by Bankwatch shows energy and climate plans (NECPs) in 7 CEE countries over-rely on unsustainable biomass to reach their renewable energy objectives.
  • New opportunities for eastern Europe if the EU’s bank ramps up climate ambition and quits fossil fuels June 13, 2019
    Ahead of the European Investment Bank’s annual governors’ meeting, several EU’s finance ministers put forward a joint non-paper “Climate for the future of Europe” with an idea to transform the EIB: make green financing its top priority and promote investments in energy and climate transition. The right initiative risks failing if not supported by the majority of the bank’s shareholders, in particular by the eastern states that wrongfully fear that EIB’s increasing ambition in climate finance will unfavorably impact the bank’s presence in their countries.
  • Money for nothing: Ugljevik III coal concession must be cancelled, not bought off June 7, 2019
    After years of speculation about the Ugljevik III coal power project in Bosnia-Herzegovina, this week’s news is that the government wants to buy off Comsar Energy’s concession. Yet if the company hasn’t fulfilled the conditions from the contract, why should it be rewarded?